terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2011

New Thrifted Stuff!!!!

Hey you all! Hope you're well!
So, today, me and my friends went to the thrift stores in our hometown and got ourselves some gorgeous things!
I also went to Zara to get some basics.
Next post is going to be a "current favourites" post, what do you think?
Thank you for all the lovely comments you all, I really appreciate that! :)

 I got this denim jacket wich I looove, it's a classic and goes with anything! 12.50€ 

I love this jacket! It's so 80's! 1€ (yep, really cheap!!)

I got this gorgeouuuuus floral print blouse, I love her, and can't stop thinking of the many outfits I can go with this! 2€

This skirt is just adorable dont you think?  1€

This is what I'm the most excited about, this lovely vintage bag, it was 2€ like, are you kidding me? 

I got this basic salmon shirt, its pretty and goes with anything! 4.95€
And this deep green skirt, wich I looooooove, again my camera didn't picked up the real color, but its way more green than that! I might get the fuschia and the blue one also :) 7.95€ 

I'm really into vintage clothing lately, as you've may already noticed! haha
I'm just tired of dressing like everyone else.

My dad is off to London on Thursday, I'm a bit sad but happy at the same time because on july or august I'm going there to visit him and maybe in december I'm moving to London too :) 

xx J

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