terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

I'm Back!

Hello people of the world!!
I'm sorry I've been out for a month I guess.. Don't know why actually, but I just didn't felt any will to write and upload... Hope you haven't forgot about me!

But now I am back and I've got so many new stuff to show you! 
My prom was last weekend and I've got some pictures to show you! Hope you like my outfit :)
I also got so many new vintage clothing, wich I am obsessed right now!
I also did a purple ombre like I said I was going to! Looks amazing! 

xx J

quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

OOTD and some news!

Hey people!
Hope you're well!
This look is been what I've been wearing lately, really like the edgy/rocker style, mixing flowers with doc martens style boots (only cause I don't have my own doc martens yet :( *cries*) I think it looks quite nice and different. My make has been really soft and simple, nude eyes, cheeks and lips!

 THIS tumblr has been my lately inspiration, love the pictures and they're style!
I am also going to start making YOUTUBE videos YAYYYY!!! Maybe today I'll upload my first video! 
And there's a huge haul coming for you all! I just recently made a facebook account (HERE) and I've been selling and buying some second hand clothes and acessories with other girls and I've got lots of new stuff! 


What do you think of this ombre hair? I might do this in a few weeks :)
Maybe more pink than purple, but love this one too... 

xx J